Silence of Touch
Psychosomatic Bodywork Training

with Anu & Gyana Cain


Where present touch becomes the instrument for healing to happen.


is a body therapy that nurtures the synthesis of emotional and physical well being -

Silence of Touch is about embodying our life, using the body as the doorway to the natural intelligence of our being. It is unique, as it combines bodywork, trauma work and meditation. It is the emphasis on present loving touch - using touch as a safe holding space - where the energies of trauma can be released. This is where healing becomes a meditation in touch.

Silence of Touch Bodywork recognises the interconnectedness of our body-being and that our emotions are not just mental experiences but also have physical components. This approach aims to release emotional tensions that are held in the body, exploring the psychosomatic content. Touch has a healing power that opens doors for the body to release and discharge. The necessity of touch is becoming widely recognised for its tremendous contribution to healing and well-being.

This training provides a thorough foundation and understanding for the Rebalancing Bodywork Technique and so much more! It is a synthesis of structural, deep tissue massage techniques and working with the psychosomatic content. Through inner exploration we generate awareness, deepening our ‘felt sense’. Understanding how emotional and psychological tension manifests somatically is key. Touch is an art form which continuously evolves with our deepening understanding of the mystery of 'Touch' - this is the beauty of the work. It integrates beautifully with other touch based and therapeutic approaches.


We walk towards our freedom step by step,
and are carried by the wisdom of our body.


Having an appreciation for 'Touch' is a more relevant theme for us today than it has ever been. We need to understand that we live in an embodied world and do have the power to 'bless' it !

Do you have a personal desire to connect with yourself at a deeper level, with your body and are looking for that inner love affair with yourself ?
This is a beautiful journey to free yourself up, let go of things that hold you back, find a centred-ness and alignment with yourself and discover what it feels like to live your own individual unique life.

You are going through a traumatic time, are looking for orientation and grounding ?
This is a profound journey into yourself. You will experience a safe, warm and held space, where the body is the reflection and mirror of our personal structure. The invitation is to explore our defence strategies, survival mechanisms and holding patterns, coming to a deeper understanding of yourself.

You want reconnect, feel and be ´at home´ in your body ?
It is an exploration of love, that mysterious energy which fuels life - accepting and embracing what is, letting go of the fighting and struggle - trusting life and relaxing into its flow. You will have the space to slowly ´land´ in your body, maybe for the first time, as many of us simply did not get enough physical touch when we were born.

[[You can see how we as humanity are living predominantly from our head, have lost the connection to our bodies and being-ness ?
The collective issue of trauma that we are having to address today is fundamentally a disconnect from the body - fragmentation. Trauma breaks relation, it damages human capacities for trust, connection and mutuality. Begin with the body…

You want to share your love and essence in the world ?
Being creative and sharing are human needs. Rebalancing is an approach to bodywork that encourages transformation, self-awareness and personal growth. When you’re tools are embodied by your essence - it is so much fun!

You want an upgrade in your life ?
Releasing old traumatic repressed emotional content in the body, letting go of belief systems and conditioning frees us up for a new way of relating to ourselves and to the world…]]


  • The art of Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Release & Conscious Touch
  • Understanding psychosomatic associations - how our psychology manifests and shows in the body
  • How to work with deep touch and through the body, addressing the ´inner´…
  • How to hold space for clients to feel, release and process in a safe and transformational way
  • How to work with trauma, core tension, holding patterns, control & defence mechanisms through Touch
  • Learning the art of inquiring into the body, the art of Body Reading & Movement Awareness
  • Understanding the language of the body - receiving its guidance and learning how to listen to the body
  • How to meet your clients individual need for healing in the moment
  • How to hold a client interview with understanding, being able to ´pick up´ your client
  • How to work through the body in sections, supporting the embodiment of emotional and physical awareness

Duartion 16 months
Cost per Module: Training fee € 975.- and Food & Accomodation € 995.-
If you are drawn to this work but are having financial difficulties, contact us and we see what's possible.


Holiday RetreatLetting Go & Letting Be

July 06 - 13 2024

Module 3 of 4The Belly, Psoas, Pelvis

21 - 28 September 2024

Module 1 of 4Opening the Back, Shoulders, Arms

09 - 16 November 2024

New Training

Module 4 of 4The Legs & Side Session

08 - 15 March 2025

Module 2 of 4The Neck, Chest, Diaphragm & Breath

05 - 12 April 2025

Do not fight with your body

It is not your foe, it is your friend. It is a gift of nature to you. It is part of nature. It is joined with nature in every possible way. You are bridged not only with breathing; with sun rays you are bridged, with the fragrance of flowers you are bridged, with the moonlight you are bridged. You are bridged from everywhere; You are part of this whole continent, and yet... it has given you an individuality. This is what I call a miracle.

So being in harmony with your body, you will be in harmony with nature, with existence. So instead of going against the current, go with the current. Be in a let go. Allow life to happen. Don’t force anything, in any good name. For the sake of some holy book, for the sake of some holy ideal, don’t disturb your harmony. Nothing is more valuable than to be harmonious, in accord with the whole.


Who will be supporting you

Anu Cain

Anu Cain - Psychosomatic Bodywork
Trauma-informed Bodytherapy
Osho Rebalancing
Aryuvedic Yoga Massage
Thai Massage
NLP Hypnosis
Osho Therapeutic Meditations
Holistic Counseling

[[ Anu came to the world of Osho at the age of 20 and was deeply touched, it completely transformed and changed his life. At Osho’s ashram in Pune, India, he learned, practiced and refined Rebalancing Bodywork for many years, and since then is supporting people with his loving presence, compassion, clarity and fine sense of humour, in both bodywork and counseling.

Anu is very intuitive and sensitive, a master at touch and reading the body. He has the capacity to lovingly guide and accompany people back to their intrinsic healing and expansion. His daughter Zoe describes him as ´a buddha in the baking´… Today he loves gardening, being a father, being a husband and living by the sea…

Anu is the Co-Founder of Silence of Touch, Academy for Psychosomatic Bodywork, together with his wife Gyana Cain. They have been teaching together since 2008 and offer yearly trainings in Mallorca. ]]

Gyana Cain

Trauma-informed Transformation and Healing
Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy (HPG)
EMDR Traumawork (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Conscious Parenting
Conscious Relating Work for Couples
Women’s Work
Holistic Counseling
Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Maté)

[[Gyana grew up in Osho’s Buddhafield and has been passionate about personal transformation from a very early age. She practiced children's therapeutic meditations at school and from her teens onwards, participated in many self-development groups worldwide. The emphasis of her work is about living authenticity, compassionately meeting the traumas that are revealed in our struggles with life. She is empathic, experienced and honest. Her own experience of growing up in a community, being a mother and meeting the challenges of relating, has influenced her work profoundly.

Today she lives a joyful life with her husband and two daughters on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

Gyana is a trained non-medical practitioner for Psychotherapy (HPG). Her work includes EMDR (Francine Shapiro) and has been inspired by Holistic Counseling (Rafia Morgan & Turiya Hanover), Essence Work (Diamond Approach, A.H. Almaas), Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine), Women’s Work (Turiya Hanover), Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Maté), Family Constellation Work (Thomas Von Stosch) and Meditation and Mindfulness (Osho).]]

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