Where present touch becomes the instrument for healing to happen

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Where present touch becomes the instrument for healing to happen
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Welcome, friends and fellow travellers,
we wish you a beautiful arrival in the new year. May we all find the spirit of appreciating the ever expanding journey…

We are happy to share our news from Mallorca, where we have based ourselves and feel very much at home.
The first training has begun, and it has been a delightful blossoming of our work. The energy of the Island has proven to be the perfect backdrop, beautifully enhancing the exploration into body and being.

In the midst of a world marked by chaos, separation, and polarization, the profound tool of coming home to the body becomes clearer than ever.
The power of embodiment and the healing that unfolds is undeniable - bringing wholeness and wholeheartedness.

As we shift our attention towards awakening different dimensions of our being, choosing love, and meeting in presence, we contribute to the growth of a more harmonious existence.

Last summer, we had the privilege of hosting our first Holiday Retreat - "A Meditation In Touch" - and it was a week that some described as the best of their lives.
We are delighted to announce that this gentle retreat will happen again this coming summer, providing a sacred space for alignment, integration, and relaxation. Read more about this transformative experience below.

We look forward to meeting on the path,
Anu and Gyana
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We also want to welcome Charu - our organiser & assistant.
She will be the one answering your emails
and available for questions etc..
We’re very delighted to have her join us !
Belly Massage


The Chest, Neck and Breath - Living Intimacy

20th - 27th April 2024 in Mallorca
In this very empowering module, you will navigate the intricate tapestry of intimacy—the longings, the pains, and the joys of loving. These emotions manifest in the body, creating a dance of expansion and contraction that echoes the rhythm of life itself.

Most of our lives are dedicated to the pursuit or avoidance of relationships, making this module a powerful opportunity to delve into the subject of relating and uncover the wisdom it holds.

We dive into the world of the breath, where the profound dynamics of holding on and letting go, life and death, saying yes and saying no, shape the essence of our existence.

It is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-love and acceptance.

This module is fully booked.

More info & Booking


Letting Go & Letting Be

6th -13th July 2024 in Mallorca
This meditation in touch unfolds as a sacred journey within oneself.
It's not a massage, it's an exchange of holding and being held, fully dressed - it is an art of connection, a dance of energies.
In this space to feel yourself deeply, rejuvenation finds its purest form.

With this exchange, a daily ritual with your partner, touch becomes a profound meditation. Gently holding and touching with your hands, being present to the touch, watching your breath, you drop in, and a "space" opens up, deepening with every exchange.

If you find yourself burned out, fed up, or frustrated, or standing at a crossroads in your life, facing death, separated and in pain—whatever the friction, come and put yourself on a table and into the hands of a friend. Or come with your partner and discover new realms in your relationship.

We will be meditating in the mornings, enjoying our daily holding exchanges after breakfast and the afternoons are free to go swimming in the pool, take a trip to the beach, or book a massage. In the evenings we'll do some movement meditation, dance or come around the fire together. Delicious vegetarian meals and an absolutely wonderful venue top it all off.

It is a simple yet profound journey where inspiration returns, and the depth of touch becomes a catalyst for transformation. This is a gift to yourself !

16 participants - 8 spaces open

More info & Booking
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9th - 16th November 2024
Silence of Touch is a transformative training of psychosomatic bodywork, a unique fusion of deep touch, trauma work and meditation.

Module I of IV
The Back, Neck and Shoulders - Inner & Outer Support
9th - 16th November 2024 in Mallorca
Module II of IV
The Chest, Neck and Breath - Living Intimacy
One week in April 2025 in Mallorca
Module III of IV
The Belly, Psoas and the Legs - Tap into your Life Force, Power & Knowing
One week in September 2025 in Mallorca
Module IV of IV
The Side Session - Embracing the Feminine & the Masculine
One week in March 2026 in Mallorca

Prices per module -
€ 975.- Training fee
€ 995.- Accommodation and vegetarian Food
(Prices might have to adjust in 2025 and 2026)
If you are on low income and need financial support, you are welcome to contact us.

22 participants - 16 spaces open

Bookings open now - schedule your interview with us !
Please feel free to forward this to your friends or anyone you feel could benefit from this work. 🙏
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