Woman's Work

a love affair with yourself

Turiya Hanover
Gyana Cain
Meera Fredirike Sommer

Video - Turiya Hanover über die Frauenarbeit

A Woman's Worthmit Turiya Hanover, Gyana Cain, Meera F. Sommer

07.-10. May 2020

Do 18.30 bis So 14.30 Uhr
€340.- Residential
in Zist, 82377 Penzberg (ca. 30 Min from Mü)

The last few years have been a time of change, movement and liberation for women - this evolutionary change in society gives us the opportunity to come back to ourselves, to the truth of the feminine - it is an opening for us women to discover our own power - this means that we take responsibility for all aspects of female life, our ability of light and dark. The way we live out the shadows of the feminine - how we can slip out of fear into victimhood, control and manipulation.

Where it is certainly important that we get a voice, it is absolutely essential, that we do not compare with the male and lose ourselves in comparison or equality. Rather, the question is - how can we discover, embody and bring into the world our own very individual feminine essence ?

How can we find the mystery of femininity, vulnerability, openness and sensitivity within us and give it a new value in society today ?

It is an exploration of boundaries and the challenges we face being a mother, a daughter, a sister, a partner or leader. The journey into the joy of true femininity is also a journey out of numbness and frozenness. How can we respect our body as a powerful source of knowledge, set boundaries when needed, and be honest with ourselves and others.
It is time for us to evolve, to honour, love and enjoy our lives in all its complexity. To awaken our senses, to prepare us in a new way to meet ourselves and the masculine.

This retreat will be serious and playful, experiential and transformative. We will work with respect and loving acceptance of what is, and learn to connect with what is missing. We will experience the power of our embodied wisdom and celebrate the incredible gifts of being a woman today..
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