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In its most innocent form
massage is simply touch,
and all kids know how to …
have fun,

Touch for Kids & Parents

It has been a beautiful experience sharing touch with our kids. It can get messy with handfuls of cream being smeared everywhere, but its fun, and we all finish up laughing, hugging and feeling appreciated.
And everything settles into a relaxed connectedness.
From our own experience we would like to share how invaluable touch is for kids and parents.

Articles about the benefits of massaging your children and the positive effects of touch.


Learning the language of Touch


A mother's touch enhances attachment between mother and child; it can signify security ("You're safe; I'm here") and, depending on the type of touch, it can generate positive or negative emotions. (Playing pat-a-cake makes infants happy, while a sudden squeeze from Mom often signals a warning not to interact with a new object). Mom's touch even seems to mitigate pain when infants are given a blood test. University of Miami School of Medicine's Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute, has linked touch, in the form of massage, to a slew of benefits, including better sleep, reduced irritability, and increased sociability among infants.

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