Rebalancing Training

Awareness through Touch


- a body therapy, that nurtures emotional and physical wellbeing

In this training we explore Rebalancing Deep Tissue Bodywork and Body Oriented Awareness. Specially developed techniques like Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Release and Conscious Touch. Meditation and Perceptive Body reading are also a part of this work. We work through the body in sections, exploring functional anatomy and awareness through movement, as the psychological association with each body part.
The body mirrors and reflects our life, our being and our inner world. Feelings, emotions and life experiences express themselves in the body and are memorised in the cells. 
As bodyworkers we are able to expand in our perception of reading a body-mind-system. In a safe and loving environment we learn to read the body, learn to have a perceptive gaze for the undercurrents in the body. This way we are able to help our clients become aware of and release old, unconscious or habitual feelings, thoughts, fears and belief systems.

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Recognising and understanding the connection between the inner emotional body and the physical body is part of the training. It is work, that touches us deeply and it is simply mind-blowing, to watch the puzzle pieces come together. This understanding gives us the awareness and the power, to change something in our lives. You meet yourself through touch. It is a journey into intimacy with yourself. Through sensitive touch, compassion and a still presence we learn, not only to hold our own space, but also to be a container for the people and clients we may accompany on their way.  Anu has over 35 years of experience working with the body and together his wife Gyana (Holistic Counseler) they are passing this on in a loving way. Anu ́s teaching contains bodywork at great depth, which is suitable for experienced bodyworkers, who are looking to rediscover working with the body in a new way or want to expand in their work. This training is also suitable for people, who want to go deeper in the work with themselves or explore themselves in a new way, as for people who are simply attracted by the magic of touch. Rebalancing was born in the 70´s around Osho in Pune, India. Different therapists, coming from Rolfing, Neo Reichian Bodywork, Trager, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis and Massage, were willing to let a different and holistic approach of bodywork develop with Osho´s guidance and feed back. Osho's vision of a whole man is, what gives Rebalancing its direction and makes it so unique. It is a gift from a modern day buddha, his meditation techniques are included.


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