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Silence of Touch Rebalancing

Rebalancing Sessionswith Anu Cain in Munich


Rebalancing Bodywork
Coaching for BodyAwareness
Holistic & Conscious Counseling

Anu Cain´s Practice is in Rumfordstr. 5
80469 Munich
(between Gärtnerplatz and Viktualienmarkt)

In silence and a presence that is anchored in love and compassion, Anu creates a space, that enables us to let go and meet ourselves through the body.
We can
• Discover the magic of touch
• Find a connection between the physical and the emotional body
• Come back to a balance in the body
• Discover, what the pain, the discomfort is telling us
• Recognise our own barriers, beliefs and ideas
• Become receptive for the wisdom and knowledge of our body and being
• Find grounding in our lives
• Discover the language of the body and live in unity with it
• Bring true relaxation into our lives

Silence of TouchBody Awareness

Watch this movie… and get a feel.

Individual Sessionswith Gyana Bonnie Cain in Munich


Holistic & Conscious Counceling
Balance and Integration of the two brain hemispheres
Body and Mind Integration

In a non-judgemental space, where we feel safe and held, we can
• Work through old and new pain
• Discover and understand limiting defense mechanisms
• Create new space for ourselves in authentic compassion
• Find strength in the love for truth
• Explore our inner world in curiosity
• Find inner orientation and intention
• Come closer to our own being
• Recognise our personality structure as an intelligent survival structure
• Let our heart open up again in loving compassion for ourselves

Gyana has given me an amazing Trauma healing session, where she guided me into a deep and yet very resourceful space of reconnecting with myself and healing. Her presence as a counsellor is very warm, empathic and loving and I felt held by her supportive and gentle guidance through some deep early life issues. Her approach is integrative and gentle, yet very effective, in provoking healing and understanding.
Turiya Hanover
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Silence of Touch Rebalancing

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