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What's Coming


Workshop for CouplesEssential elements for a new kind of Relatingwith Gyana and Anu Cain

During this weekend, we will explore issues which have to do with the masculine and feminine presence in all of us and the way those aspects influence our lives and relationships with others.

The focus will be on bringing more awareness to the relationship between the woman and man and their Animus or Anima. Therein we have a possible model of wholeness where each person can be likened to the Yin Yang symbol. We will also explore the negative or shadow sides of the Inner man and woman and how they affect behaviour and relationships.

Discovering new ways for woman and man to relate and grow joyfully in love.

This is not a workshop that includes massage.


Begin with the Body

This is an open weekend to come together and refresh your sense of touch and technique. Bring your questions and bodies with you and some good vibes to explore.
This is also an open space for people who want to have a Silence of Touch experience.


The Time Is Now

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A Retreat for Womenwith Turiya Hanover, Gyana Cain, Meera Frederike Sommer

29.-31. Mar 2019

The time is now for all of us women to look how we co created this current upheaval with the **'metoo' movement. The time has come to take responsibility and step into becoming an evolutionary torchbearer, coming out of victimhood, blame and attack, clean our own house, learn to respect our own bodies, learn how to deal with boundaries and above all daring to have a voice and speak up. The time has come to take responsibility for our own emotionality, how we manipulate through emotions, coming out of frozenness, numbness and shock and to connect to our true feminine presence. It is time to step into the embodiment of the feminine sensitivity and passion (or power?) and learn how to be intimate with yourself, the earth, and with life. It is time to face the challenges that we have as mothers and facing the shadow of the feminine power. This retreat will be a very insightful sensitive and experiential weekend, where we work with respect and loving acceptance of what is and learn to take responsibility and celebrate the gift of being a women today.

The next Rebalancing Training begins

If you are interested in participating, or would just like to get a feeling for us, the crew and what this course contains, we welcome you to contact us via Email or telephone.

Meditation Retreat

This retreat is based on the meditation camps we had in Pune with Osho. If you go into these days in the spirit of turning your attention inwards and exploring your energy field through Active Meditations, Vipassana, Dance, you will find it to be a beautifully relaxing and regenerative experience.

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