Conscious Parenting

For intelligent Kids

Event: Conscious Parenting

Date: 26/06 - 29/06/2025

Venue: Alaro, Mallorca

What's it about?

Exploring the Challenges of Parenting: In the journey of raising children, we see ourselves in all our colours. In this workshop, we delve into the shadow aspects of parenting, embracing our own unresolved pain and trauma which we tend to pass on to our kids.

Staying Connected to Our Kids: Navigating our personal challenges while remaining connected to our children can feel like a daunting task. Through experiential exercises and insightful discussions, we learn how to maintain a strong bond with our kids while working through our own emotional baggage.

Parenting as a Life-Changing Commitment: Parenthood isn't just a role; it's a life-altering process of transformation. This workshop offers a safe space to explore the joys and challenges of raising children, empowering parents to navigate this journey with grace and intention.

Tools for Connection and Freedom: Parenthood is a delicate balance of nurturing connection and giving freedom. Here, you'll receive practical tools and strategies to cultivate a deep connection with your child while honoring their autonomy and individuality.
Join us for this empowering workshop and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and conscious parenting for intelligent kids.

Additional info

This workshop is residential, however, if you live locally on the island and prefer to stay at home, please contact us and we work something out.

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