Advanced module

Event: Advanced module

Date: 06/12 - 13/12/2025

Venue: Son Sion

What's it about?

This advanced module is open to all graduates of the training, who want to practice their counseling skills, learn the art of body reading and and refine their technique and touch.

Topics we will cover:
Psychosomatic Bodywork: Explore the profound connection between the mind, body, and emotions, and learn effective techniques to address trauma and wounding through somatic approaches.

The Art of Speaking with Your Client: Enhance your communication skills to build trusting relationships and better understand your client's needs.

Body Reading with Your Client: Learn to interpret physical cues and somatic patterns to gain insight into your client's emotional and psychological experiences.

Working with Trauma and Wounding: Develop practical tools and techniques for creating a safe space for clients to process and integrate their trauma, facilitating healing and transformation.

Personal Feedback: Receive personalised guidance and feedback on your work, allowing for continuous growth and development as a practitioner.

Additional info

Limited availability for 22 participants
This Module is residential

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