Module II of IV

The Chest

Event: Module II of IV

Date: 05/04 - 12/04/2025

Venue: Son Sion

What's it about?

The Chest, Diaphragm & Breath - and breathing into life.

Here we meet the complex world of our hearts - our longing to love and dissolve, to melt, to expand, to be free - and our fear of letting it all in. In this module we make our way into the shoulder girdle and into the chest, the diaphragm, the breath. We will be exploring the muscles of the chest, the flexibility of the rib cage, releasing the pectorals and diaphragm, loosening the shoulders, and exploring our breathing patterns.

We explore the heart, the pains, longings, disappointments all of which manifest in the body as tensions, defensive attitudes, shallow breathing ... and how we get locked in!

Perhaps we can let our hearts fly and experience its silences also. Giving and receiving, the duality of life, of being seen, and embracing the opposites….

An awareness of our breathing cycle is essential, because all tension reflects in the breath. Whenever we do anything that requires physical effort, we tend to hold the breath. Patanjali explores it in Yoga and Buddha birthed the amazing Vipassana Technique, which took many people beyond the known. The breath has much potential and if you observe it in your sessions, it reveals so much!

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This Module is residential

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