Module IV of IV

The Side Session

Event: Module IV of IV

Date: 08/03 - 15/03/2025

Venue: Son Sion

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What's it about?

Welcome to the side session, a transformative journey into the duality of our being - the masculine & the feminine - through the exploration of our body's sides.

It is an integrative session by nature. Great for people who cannot lie on their back or belly or for pregnant women.

We begin by addressing the foundation of our body—the pelvic floor. This often-overlooked area plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. Moving up, we focus on the lower back, a common source of discomfort for many. We then gently shift our attention to the ribs and breath, understanding that proper breathing patterns can profoundly affect our posture and vitality.

Next, we explore the shoulders and neck, where stress and tension often accumulate. Touching from three sides—front, back, and sides—we learn to release and relax these key areas. It's important to recognize that the sides of our body are particularly vulnerable, making it essential to pay attention to the ribs, intercostals, and the ability to compress and stretch the sides. The side session gives such a sense of holding, it creates a tremendous safety in the client, in a subtle and tender way so much healing can happen……..

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This Module is residential

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