Letting Go & Letting Be

A Meditation in 'Touch'

Event: Letting Go & Letting Be

Date: 19/07 - 26/07/2025

Venue: Son Sion

What's it about?

It's about immersing yourself in the profound fusion of meditation and touch. Gently holding and touching with your hands, being present to the touch...

Watching your breath, listening to the birds, you drop in, and a "space" opens up, which deepens with every exchange. We will be meditating in the mornings, enjoying our daily holding exchanges after breakfast and the afternoons are free you to go swimming in the pool, take a trip to the beach, or book a massage.

In the evenings there will be some movement, dance or meditation. Delicious vegetarian meals and an absolutely wonderful venue top it all off.

Who is this retreat for? Introducing "Touch as a Meditation," the ultimate remedy for those feeling tired, worn out, and stressed from life's relentless demands. Whether you're exhausted, burned out, or standing at a crossroad in your life, facing death, separation, or pain, this retreat offers a sanctuary of rejuvenation. This is a precious gift to give yourself - to replenish, recharge and realign. Let this be your retreat, where the frictions of life dissolve, and the stillness of being brings you home.

Is this retreat suitable for couples? Yes, absolutely ! It brings in a deeper level of intimacy, understanding and appreciation for each other. It is a beautiful expansion to any relationship.

Is it possible to attend the retreat alone? Yes, absolutely ! We have many individuals attending this retreat and it´s easy to partner up. It is a fantastic opportunity to connect and share this transformative journey with like-minded people. You'll have the chance to forge new connections and cultivate meaningful friendships as you embark on this enriching experience together during your stay.

Additional info

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This Retreat is residential

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