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Nov 04 - 11 2023

Silence of Touch RebalancingWhere present touch becomes the instrument for healing to happen -

|In the world today we have disconnected and mostly lost touch with our body - the temple we live in. The collective issue of trauma that we are having to address today is fundamentally a disconnect from the body - fragmentation. Trauma breaks relation, it damages human capacities for trust, connection and mutuality.

The intelligence and wisdom of our body is a fundamental resource. When we are aligned, connected and in touch with our bodies, we get to live a completely different quality life - being present and grounded in the here and now, having resilience and capacity to embrace our lives and the world.

In this work you will experience a safe, welcoming space where the body is the doorway, the reflection and mirror of your personal structure - understanding, without judgment our holding patterns, our defence strategies and survival mechanisms. All these have developed in childhood and are mostly are out of date, not necessary anymore and more like a hindrance, as it blocks embodiment. Understanding, seeing and becoming aware of these imprisoning dynamics that hold us back, gives us the capacity to change something in our lives. Releasing old and unfelt or repressed emotional content in the body, frees us up for a new way of relating to ourselves and to the world.

It is work, that touches us deeply and it is simply mind-blowing, to watch the puzzle pieces come together, which the body so clearly lays out in front of us. Touch brings us back - it integrates, it reconnects and melts separation. Touch is the forgotten language of love - it has a healing power that opens doors for your body to release, discharge and regulate the nervous system.

The Silence of Touch Rebalancing Training

|We are very happy to announce that the Rebalancing Training is happening in the Algarve, Portugal - in a wonderful authentic countryside home, surrounded by nature, green vibrant life, overwhelming silence and an amazing night sky...

The Silence of Touch Rebalancing Training is a multi facetted exploration of learning to embody life. It is unique work, as it combines bodywork and trauma, where present touch becomes the instrument for healing to happen.

'Silence of Touch' is a German accredited School and Academy that will certify you with professional qualifiation, when fully completing the training. It is a six part training over the period of 16 months.

This training is suitable for beginners, as much as for experienced bodyworkers. who are looking to rediscover working with the body in a new way.

|With sensitive touch, compassion and presence we learn, not only to hold our own space, but also to be a container for the people and clients we may accompany on their way.


What we cover in the training

  • The art of Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Release & Conscious Touch
  • Understanding psychosomatic associations - how our psychology manifests and shows in the body
  • How to work with deep touch and through the body, addressing the ´inner´…
  • How to hold space for clients to feel, release and process in a safe and transformational way
  • How to work with trauma, core tension, holding patterns, control & defence mechanisms through Touch
  • Learning the art of inquiring into the body, the art of Body Reading & Movement Awareness
  • Understanding the language of the body - receiving its guidance and learning how to listen to the body
  • How to meet your clients individual need for healing in the moment
  • How to hold a client interview with understanding, being able to ´pick up´ your client
  • How to work through the body in sections, supporting the embodiment of emotional and physical awareness

Portugal Training Dates

Module 1 ... 21. - 25. November 2022
Module 2 ... 01. - 05. February 2023
Module 3 ... 27. April - 01. May 2023
Module 4 ... 30. August - 03. September 2023
Module 5 ... 22. - 26. November 2023
Module 6 ... 13. - 17. March 2024


Please contact us for prices.
We do give an Early Bird price, (fully paid 8 weeks in advance). Payment in rates is possible, please contact us.
For accomodation costs, please contact Emma by the link below.



The training was great! It is not only the safe and healing space filled with warmth and cordiality that you create. What really convinced me and far exceeded my evaluations is that everything became visible and tangible that I previously knew in theory about storing experiences / emotions in the body and the releasing healing power of mindful touch. In myself and in other participants, I repeatedly experienced how energy blockages were released through touch (also from long-gone traumas) and repressed feelings moved again.


Dear Gyana, dear Anu,
I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
I feel very blessed with everything I was able to learn and experience. It is wonderful work that touches me deeply on many levels.
And when one watches you, Anu, one has the impression that you were already born with it and that your hands were meant for it. The devotion, love, depth and ease with which the movements flow from your hands are incredibly beautiful.
You two touched me just as much with your nature and the way you teach and hold the space. I have experienced so many training courses and seminars, but I have never encountered a presence like you have with each other.
The awareness of everything that is in the room and in the people in it, the loving clarity and truthfulness and the ego-free presence with which you meet and guide at appreciative eye level is beautiful. And I always had the feeling that the space of female and male power and love is equally perceived and held.
I think you guys are just wonderful together.
With deep appreciation and gratitude … Nicole


Dear Ones, it was an exciting journey with you ... many impressions, beautiful views, sometimes deep gorges and raging rivers. You definitely left your mark on my heart. Watching you is a real pleasure. I will take your experiences and the ease that you radiate with me and will make them my own. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Katja


You never forget moments that shape your life, thank you... You two dear ones, with deep understanding, empathy and love you have led me on a path that I believe will make me happy. You gave me the stage on which I was allowed to meet with respect and honesty! Thank you for that and for a special, unforgettable time..! Astrid


Dear Anu, Dear Gyana, thank you very much for your indescribably great work! I am moved and touched on all levels and at the end of my training I am no longer the same as before. Thank you for making so much transformation possible… Petra