New Training Begins

Module I of IV

Event: New Training Begins

Date: 09/11 - 16/11/2024

Venue: Son Sion

What's it about?

In this module, we embark on a deeply enriching journey, starting with the exploration of the back. We'll delve into the anatomy of the upper body, touching upon themes like support and stability, which manifest in our back. The spine serves as a flexible central column, anchoring our upper body. It empowers us to embrace life, to revel in joy, expression, and creation. It is our backbone, granting us the strength and courage to navigate our existence.

The shoulders, in turn, furnish us with the strength to soar and create—they are the anchors of creative action. As we progress to the neck, in a perpetual state of flux, balancing our head, we encounter themes of control, fear of letting go, trust, and inner alignment. We explore techniques to address neck trauma, fostering trust and surrender, while also opening up the throat to find our voice and authentic expression.

Throughout this journey, you'll acquire new skills in touch, embracing, letting go, and embodying presence.

Additional info

Limited availability for 22 participants.
This Module is residential

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