Module III of IV

Exploring the Belly & Legs

Event: Module III of IV

Date: 21/09 - 28/09/2024

Venue: Son Sion

We are fully booked for this Module.

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What's it about?

The Belly session is a meditation in touch - A Hara massage…

The cosmos of our belly is a vast inquiry that relates to the deepest places within us. For many, it is a very intimate and vulnerable area - the source of life, laughter, our gut feelings, relaxed confidence, and centeredness.

The Hara is a power-packed place! In this module we are going to be touching the core muscles of the body and the issues that they contain - it is deeply empowering and freeing… By touching the core muscles of the body, we learn to hold space for the core wounds of our being.

W will be introducing the 'Cat Walk‘. A wonderful and revealing exercise on how we 'walk‘ through life …

The legs really are a powerful, dynamic energy - agile and flexible. They support vitality and joy - and stand for balance, stability, grounding and connected-ness. Through touch, body reading, joint release & movement and inquiry, we explore the world of the legs and feet - Learning to resource and connect again to strength, power, vitality - expanding into who we really are, and having the courage to walking it!

Additional info

This Module is residential

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